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War of Currents

During the advent of electricity in the 1880s the famous “War of Currents” was being fought between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. While Edison’s company was marketing for the already existing DC (direct current) technology, Tesla was advocating for his new high voltage AC (alternating current). Edison went so far as to electrocute live-animals on stage, trying to prove how dangerous AC could be. However, with its farther transmission capabilities, and more efficient central generating stations, AC soon began to be widely accepted and is the primary means of high voltage power transmission today.

Cassettes vs CDs

‘Attack on Titan’ is a anime based on a fantasy world of humans and titans — where stark ideological differences between various nations almost lead to a complete annihilation of the entire world.

The world is going through a war of ideologies. This was always the case, though in the present time it is accentuated by social media. Users of social media are exposed only to targeted posts, articles and news - depending upon their location, their ideological standing, cultural upbringing, religious and political affiliations and other personal factors — factors which are tracked via their usage patterns, page visits, likes and dislikes etc. This targeted campaign which initially started as a harmless means of increasing ad revenue, has perhaps unexpectedly, unleashed a sleeping giant — mass human conditioning.

Humans are highly programmable…

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In his book ‘Hyperspace’, Michio Kaku stresses on a single underlying concept : “Everything is simpler, in higher dimensions”. There can be multiple connotations to this. Kaku explains from a Physics standpoint, that several of the fundamental theorems of Physics appear to be specific forms of a general universal theorem in 5 or more dimensions (please refer to the Kaluza-Klein theory). …

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Recently there has been a lot of hue and cry about the government of India’s so-called ban culture. Most see it for what it is — majority appeasement. But a fact of good humor is that, for human beings, it is always easier to support the idealogies they themselves stand for. It is widely recognized by intellectuals all around the world that change is the only constant. And an idea that cannot change with time, cannot survive. …

Assam is a state in North East India and is also my homeland. Guwahati, the largest city in Assam, is my hometown. But I always had more reasons to detest Guwahati than to like it. There were many reasons for my displeasure — the overall state of the city, unplanned buildings, terrible (or rather no) drainage, the unruly traffic, the difficult and utter chaotic public transportation, the crass attitude of the people, pollution and all of the rampant corruption. Besides, the summer months are terribly hot even (and especially) inside the house and I am not someone who is a…

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This article is split into multiple sections for ease of understanding, if one is aware beforehand, of the reasons mentioned underneath a header, s/he may safely skip it. Please reach out to in case of questions and doubts, and I would be more than happy in elaborating to any extent on a certain topic, as I believe that the future is something which we are all responsible for.

2021 update : Some of my views on competition and the economy have evolved over time since this article was first written, but I am mostly still in line with what I…

This one was part of German class (level D3 at Max Planck) wherein we had a poem template and some lines to fill in. Let’s see how creative we can be with a limited vocabulary!

Das Leben ist schön
Es geht mir gut.

Es geht mir gut,
weil die Volgeln singen
weil das Wetter schön ist, die Bäume grün sind und der Himmel blau ist,
weil alle Leute tanzen,
weil in der Nacht tausend Sternen scheinen,
weil nichts sehr wichtig ist.
Und morgen?
Morgen werde ich sicherlich wieder tausend Gründe finden, warum das Leben schön ist!

Originally published at on August 31, 2011.

A nap certainly raises my efficiency levels. This was proved in the following game I played recently at FICS ( My opponent was a 2265, by far the strongest opponent I have faced so far in terms of ELO. But he didn’t play according to his rating I believe, although he did admit that I played well. Here’s my try at annotating the game, do feel free to comment on any move I didn’t see or anything that might have went wrong in my analysis of the game!

[Event “FICS rated standard game”]

[Site “FICS, San Jose, California USA”]

I do not understand them
Why they ostracize my home
The house that I live in
And been living for quite sometime

Friends I have few (But who has friends in the city anyways?!)
Was a loner as long as I can recollect
All day I sit on my desk and scribble
At nights on life I retrospect

They called the house haunted
This very house that I live in
(Maybe they saw the cobwebs in the basement
Little realising the art within!)
I do not hear them, let alone see
The spirits that supposedly reside with me

But one…

There was a hill far away
On top of which a meadow lay
A lonesome flower bloomed at sight
Toughodil was her name
Amidst strong winds and pouring rain at night
She shone like a handsome jewel, bright

There was a happy honey-bee
From where he came, no one could see
He sung his worries away all day
They called him little Wanderbee
Seeing things, going places
With buzzing wings and endless glee

It was early spring one day
Wanderbee flew up the hill
Rested in the shade of Toughodil
Her fragrance was so enticing
Her honey was so sweet…

Himangshu Saikia

Searching for the universal theory for how all things work in existence.

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